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Noise Not Borders is back!!!


We're back!! Bigger and better.
3 days of international punk and hardcore, sick ass lineup, 3 main shows, queer dance after party, matinee show, workshops, artists, vendors, lots of punk and friends from all over the world, in the coolest venues in the punkest city in Canada.

Individual flyers and tickets to be released next week.

Sick ass flyer by: @mattscorreal

- Mujeres Podridas. Tx
- Salvaje Punk. Ny.
- Mock Execution. Shikaakwa.
- Narcoestado. Mex.
- Pobreza Mental. Ny.
- Puerta Negra. Pdx.
- Cadenaxo. Mex.
- Soltera. L.a
- Malcria. Mex.
- Agravio. Mex.
- Destruidö. Mex.
- Siyakal.
- Plaga
- Vestigio.
- Uzu.
- Khassarat.
- Total Nada.
- A.T.E.R
- Ilusion.
- Tenaz.
- H.R.T
- Teykirisi
- More tba.

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The festival is right around the corner with less than a week to go! And we have this awesome merch for sale.

All funds will be going towards @enclavecaracol
They are a diy organization based in Tijuana,Mexico located right at the heart of what is possibly the most brutal and militarized border in all North America. It is a communitary social center run by punk and anarchist womxn, that services deported migrants and provides basic services like access to internet, computers and phone lines, washrooms, clean water plus a communitary kitchen called Food Not Bombs.
And they also offer various workshops and number of activities.

Everything they do is out of pocket and we feel it is our privilege to extend our support as much as we can.

All proceeds will go towards this organization.
You can purchase at the shows or DM to purchase locally

T-shirt - 20$
Hoodie - 25$

Thank you for supporting this great cause and see you next week!!
Sick ass design by: @alsurdelinfierno
Printed by: Matt Strong & Rotten_Existence1312

#fucklamigraandlapolicia #noisenotborders #punkfest #montrealmusicscene #montrealpunk #montrealmetal #punkfestival #punk #hardcore #crustpunk #mexicanpunk #mutualaidisabolitioninaction #enclavecaracol #diy #anarchist #community #fundraiser #fuckborders



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